Meet the Artists

Arlene Shelton

 Artist | Owner | Founder of Aledo Art Collective 

Growing up exploring the city of New Orleans with my three siblings was a magical experience which still haunts my creative soul. My time was spent exploring neighborhoods and old cemeteries as well as outlying farms and swamplands. I spent more time exploring than I ever did creating; however, during my high school career I fell in love with the creative process. After high school, I moved my explorations to Texas, and I decided to become an art teacher so that I might help others to find their creative spirit as well. In 1995, I received BFA in Art from The University of Texas at Arlington and started my career as a teaching artist. Along the way, I fell in love. My husband and I have four children. My family is my motivation and my inspiration.


Artist’s Statement

I live and work in Aledo, Texas.  It is my mission is to create personalized, meaningful artwork with the intent to encourage people to reflect on what is most important to them in life. Through oil paint, fused glass, and a variety of other media, I develop symbols of love, life, and hope. Creating these eternal works of art allows me to emulate the love people have in their hearts. I want those who view my artwork to be hopeful for our future.  


Living in a world which becomes increasingly complex, I yearn for simplicity in life. You can see this in my designs. They are bold yet simple with a very limited color palette often solely in black and white.


Throughout my career, I have regularly exhibited my work and accepted commissions. My studio work typically depicts sentimental objects related to my family and my beliefs; whereas, my commissions range from sports related themes to symbolic florals.

Katlin E Smith

Artist | Owner


It started with "the squiggle game" where my dad and I took turns drawing a squiggly line, then the other made something out of it. Then there were prismacolors, then charcoal, and art classes and college and paint and, at last, my mother saying, "hey, I wanted this at my booth, can you do that?" I could. I painted a pair of wings large enough to pose in front of - and I loved it.

I love painting large. My art is largely inspired by nature - we have one earth and she is gorgeous. I learned my technical skills from various sources, an amazing high school art teacher, Mike Tabor, classes at UNT, Weatherford College and Brookhave College. I have show my work in Granbury and Aledo. As well as painting, I hold classes for basic skills in oils, watercolors and charcoal, as well as paint'n'sips, painting decor pillows of various designs, in Aledo, Granbury, and Gainesville. 

When I'm not creating, my husband (who's day job is to be a genius software engineer and program developer at Bell Helicopter - he's definitely the smart one in our relationship) and I add more gardens to our overflowing suburb home, advocate for the bees, care for the hives, collect duck, goose, and chicken eggs from the coop, and do our best to keep up with our two Pyrenees rescues while we pile on more and more projects for what we lovingly call Barking Pony Farm. It's true that we stay busy, and I can't imagine living a better life.

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Julie Hiltbrunner

Owner | Artist


Julie Hiltbrunner's Art classes will focus on all of the fundamental skills. Some of which include planning of the subject, composition, light (value), color mixing (hue and saturation), & drawing. Julie believes if the student can draw, determine values, and mix colors, the possibilities are limitless.  She also believes that persistence and perseverance are the character traits that create successful artists more so than any inborn talent. 


Julie’s main passion is oil painting. She adores painting people and telling their stories because people are interesting if you take the time to get to know them. Through painting, Julie hopes to connect the viewer to the subject. 

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Kathy Cunning


Art by Kathy

Kathy Cunning is a retired art teacher with the WISD whose specialty in retirement is watercolor. She is currently a watermedia instructor with the Fort Worth Woman’s  Club and is an award winning watercolorist. 

“I am currently exploring representational watercolor of vintage car reflections in metal, rust and wooden textures on doors created from age and paint.

Robin Purcell

Artist & Program Manager

Rustic Charm Designs

Robin watched her father drawing and creating as a child, which instilled a love for the arts. She was part of an Honors Art program through her high school career in which she learned about many different mediums. She was inspired by her two teachers there who always believed in her abilities. Robin initially pursued a Fine Art degree the first two years of college, but decided to pursue a business degree instead.

Robin has a BBA degree (International Business/Spanish) from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has 15 years corporate experience managing employees as well as millions in inventory procurement & management. In her role as a Corporate Product Manager, she developed and maintained successful vendor/supplier relationships and provided product solutions and unique advantages to suppliers and customers so that her company was their preferred provider.

After her children were all in school, Robin decided to pursue her love of art once more. Robin is currently a small business owner of Rustic Charm Designs that creates custom handmade signs and gifts. She likes to experiment and work with many different mediums as she expands her portfolio of work. She also accepts commissioned pieces as well as sells products in her retail space located at Gracie Lane in Arlington, TX. Robin is the Program Manager for the Aledo Art Collective and will also offer workshops and private parties.

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Jami Scull


Jami Scull is a professional photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada, who has owned an accomplished business for the past twelve years. Currently residing in the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas, Jami spends her days capturing the natural beauty that can be so easily forgotten in the midst of everyday life. Her vision is to capture the true essence of the natural world to create unique works of art for the home and office place.

Jami’s passion for people has led her on an incredible journey through the genres of photography, and now she has found her innate niche in a different medium: nature photography.  In the past, Jami has shared her work with others by capturing portraits of her clients.  Today, she strives to share her visions through artwork for the home, office and business space.  Jami’s development as an artist, from weddings to portraiture and now to fine art, is portrayed through her continuing education, enhancing all aspects of her business.

With award-winning photographs and a kind, personable demeanor, Jami is loved by her clients. Anyone who spends time with Jami is mesmerized by her creativity and her ability to find the beauty in the world. Jami explains, “I have decided to find the beauty that surrounds us every day, capture it, and share it through my images.  Everyone needs a break from reality to take in the beauty of the world. What better way to do this than with a unique piece of art that will last a lifetime.”

When she is not behind the camera, Jami is spending time with her children, all the while observing the vast facets of life’s beauty through the eyes and soul of an artist.  Jami's personality, attention to details, and visions, all come together to create magnificent pieces of art that will bring any home or workplace to life.


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Sharlotte Bouniol

Branding boss & Graphic Artist

GB Graphix, LLC

Sharlotte works with her clients to identify a brand strategy that works for them and the marketing initiatives needed within that strategy to attract the target audience.Her love of branding is driven by her rare blend of creativity and analytical skills. She is talented is developing creative content that is representative and unique to each individual client and brand. Her passion for branding and design has resulted in fearless ideas that will help your target audience immediately gravitate to your brand and image. Sharlotte works with hundreds of entrepreneurs and individuals to build their brands and helps them to develop a strategy that will increase brand exposure, recognition, and overall brand identity. Her clients include Entrepreneurs, Small Business, Corporations, and Multi-level Marketing producers. She has built a reputation as the “Go To Girl” for graphics in Network marketing. Her clients range from Entrepreneurs just getting started to well established corporations looking to level up their marketing game in terms of branding, graphic design and implementing a successful marketing strategy. If you are looking to further develop your brand or for someone whom you could simply outsource some of your graphic design needs to (cover photos, custom logos, web design, social media posts, ebook design, training document formatting, business cards, etc.); she’s your girl.

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Laura Page Grundler

K12 Visual Art Coordinator

The Creativity Department

Laura Grundler is an artist and educator from Plano, Texas. As an artist Laura has always relied on her intuition, she plays and explores in her journals in order to generate ideas for larger mixed media works. Her style is a dash of this and a dash of that as she blends color, texture, movement, and memories.

Laura's current series is a collection of experiences that are created via collecting and creating scraps of color filled paper that are brought together with paint, collage, and stitching. The inspiration comes from times of joy and happiness in which colors light up her memories. Laura often works with and alongside her three children and includes many of the magical pieces they make inside her collages.

When asked to describe her artistic influences, Laura's go-to artists are Chagall, Frankenthaler, O’Keeffe, Stella and the dynamic Dr. Seuss, many of which are deep-rooted in specific childhood or educational memories. She was also heavily influenced by her middle school art teacher, Mrs. Sharron Harjo, who introduced Laura to fiber arts, such as felting, stitching, and basket weaving.


In addition to being an artist, Laura, and her husband are also proud parents, bloggers, co-founders of the popular Twitter Chat #K12ArtChat and “The Creativity Department” podcast, educational consultants and presenters. Laura has won many local, state and national awards for her contributions to art education. She is passionate about raising their three creative children, sharing her love of art education and the importance of creativity with her community, colleagues and continuing to create every day.

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Fernando Carrill

Artist | Owner

Carrill Studio

Fernando Carrill was born in Santiago, Cuba on January 12, 1944.  He moved to the United States in 1961, arriving in Miami, Florida.  Besides Florida, Fernando has called many states in the U.S. home including New York, California, Colorado, and now Texas.  


After Fernando arrived in Miami, Florida he started his new life as a swimming and diving instructor.  He very quickly realized his passion for art. At the age of 23, Fernando moved to New York and quickly became fascinated with New York’s love of the Arts.  He began painting and experimenting using a variety of mixed mediums. He had not realized his true calling until he discovered the beauty of bronze.  


In the early 1970’s, Fernando relocated to Los Angeles, California.  He met an engineer by trade and owner of a bronze metal foundry. It was in this foundry that Fernando learned the true extent of his abilities in the process of casting bronze.  


In 1978, Ann Archer, an old friend from New York, introduced Fernando to Sylvester Stallone.  Mr. Stallone was immediately impressed with Fernando’s skills and commissioned him to do the entire cast of his movie Paradise Alley.  This was the catapult that extended recognition of the high level of talent of Fernando Carrill.  


Fernando has owned and operated many galleries and his own foundries in both California and Florida.  His list of collectors of his artwork include Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Barbara Streisand, Arman Asante, Luis Gosset Jr., John Peters, Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Ann Archer, Sylvester Stallone, and many more

Ellen Wagner


Pour Art Designs

Fort Worth based artist. Focused on fluid abstract paintings. This form of art includes many different techniques. I began painting at a late age and have been loving it every since. I have art work displayed in three settings. Aledo Art Collective, Chadra’s Mediterranean grill and Esoterica salon. I do commission painting tailored to the clients desires.

Tina Holzschuh

Owner & Artist

2 T Concepts

2T Concepts was born in 2009, after many years of self taught sewing challenges. As a young adult I had started working my first adult job as a clerk in the family law section for Tarrant County. I soon realized that to look professional, I needed to update my wardrobe from jeans and t-shirts to a more court room attire. At age 21, I purchased a sewing machine and dove into sewing clothing that was affordable yet looked like something I had purchased at a high end boutique. Later, I started expanding to drapes, pillows, and bedding. 25 years of marriage and 4 almost grown children, 2T Concepts has expanded from sewing into Upholstery, Quilts, and LTC options for women. 2T Concepts lives up to its name as a source of many ideas. I enjoy expanding and challenging myself in new ways to work with fabrics and fibers. The center of my business is always faith based. My salvation is no secret and I am led to believe that pieces I do are meant to be a reminder of who Christ is. Planting the seed, by using the gifts HE has given me. Look for me on facebook and various pieces at The Aledo Art Collective.

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